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The Muffin Tin Chef

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Hello lovelies,
Today, I bring you a lifestyle post full of aromas and goodness.
I'm very excited to share with you this new recipe book called "Muffin Tin Chef by Matt Kadey a registered dietician, freelance nutrition writer and recipe developer.

I'm all about having fun in the kitchen and experimenting with new recipes especially adding my own spin to them like I did with one of them from this book.

This glossy 157 page paperback book has tons of illustrations and recipes that will inspire you to bake in no time and all you need are muffin pans, silicone or tin, an oven, the ingredients and of course time.

The book has organized color coded chapters consisting of snacks, appetizers,entrees and desserts that are healthy and some that are gluten free.

Many of the foods look delicious and many because I'm a picky and finicky eater I'll be weary to try but there's something in this book for everyone and it can be a great way to entertain and introduce your family or guests at breakfast, brunch or dinner with these foods by using your muffin pan.

I did notice not all recipes come with images which was a bummer so I definitely would have to use my imagination to see what it would like like.

Now, for this post and of course for my family, the recipe I chose to make was the "Spanish Omelet" and because I'm picky and also like to add my own twist to things I opted to add different ingredients and take away some.

Like I mentioned before, I switched it up a bit and these were my yummy looking results...

Here were the Ingredients I used:

I diced up baby red potatoes and 1 white onion because that's what I had:)
I omitted the tarragon and smoked paprika and added baby spinach in the eggs and added turkey bacon on top of it.

I think the only thing Spanish about this Spanish Omelette was me because I didn't want the tarragon or paprika LOL
Yes I'm Puerto Rican incase you were wondering:)

Ok! back to the yumminess.

Here you see in this pic are the diced potatoes in the skillet with the onions.
This took 30 min tops which was a bit time consuming.
But moving on these were the results...

Voila! the 30 minutes were over, whew!

Pour the potato onion mixture in a silicone muffin pan.

Take the eggs or egg mixture with salt pepper and spinach and pour over potato mixture.

Here, you see I added turkey bacon but you don't have to and some I did without spinach for my daughter.

I did notice it was a bit troublesome to transfer this pan to my oven and some did spill but I prayed and it got in safely. Lol

Are you ready to see how it turned out? Hopefully, Matt Kadey the author would be proud:)

This took 15 min in the oven, a total of 45 min with cooking the potatoes but the taste, the texture, the presentation of it was, "oh so worth it. I ate two of them:) 

The Muffin Tin Chef by Ulysses Press can be found here