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Mini Getaway To The Bahamas During The Hurricane

Hello my friends,
Pardon the absence recently but the hubby and I were on a mini getaway with our Church Couples Ministry and it was special, not only were we celebrating our 14th year wedding anniversary but we got to fellowship with our friends as well.

We sailed on the Enchantment of the Seas with Royal Carribean and Joaquin was in the mist but our cruise was not cancelled but the port of calls to Nsssau, Bahamas and Cococay were.

So we docked in Freeport, Bahamas and enjoyed a couple of hours on the island, the winds were blustery but the weather was great.

My fun was on the ship, especially with the Karoke.
It was so much fun and hilarious.
I almost got to sing with Robin Thicke's cousin named Christian who happens to be a pro photographer but we took so long in choosing a song together I told him to go at it alone. But he never sang. 

So before talking to Christian, I sang Olivia Newton John's Hopelessly Devoted" and then You're the one that I want " with the hilarious Karoke host Isaac.

Now my last song, yes a lot of people did not sign up in the afternoon lol
So I killed it with Lean Rimes "How Do I Live " killed it as in butchered it hahaha
I sang the first verses right, then into the second I forgot the lyrics and busted out laughing and talking to the audience during the song singing you don't me I don't know you'll never see me again .

My hubby left but then surprised me on stage, he tried to help by singing along with me but instead he was singing a different song by Laura Brannigan's "How am I supposed to live without you" hilarious .

Are you ready to laugh?  I'm being brave as a musical artist, hey we all make mistakes I made a huge one in front of everybody but I came out laughing, I had fun! Thanks Kaylie for the memories :)

I'll never forget that Karoke as long as I live. Even my friend Kaylie recording some of the song fell to the ground, it was hysterical lol

Then we karoked into the night after dinner and hubby put me to sing Conga everybody did the conga line and it was epic.
I never saw people interact with Karoke singers in that way before. We would all get on stage with each other and help each other out.

That was just a glimpse into my fantastic weekend, yes the boat made me dizzy because it rocked a lot because of the choppy waters but dramamine helped plenty.

Here are some pics of our Bahamas Getaway. 
Thank God we were all safe and never crossed with Joaquin.

The couples 

My Hubby:)

Hawaiian theme night

Karoke night a diversified awesome and fun group of men singing Boyz to Men I'ts so hard to say goodbye, hubby jumped on stage too:)

Isaac the entertaining Karoke host and I.
He's so sweet and hilarious:)

Ahh the sunset


  1. Aw, that is awesome! I need to go on a romantic cruise with my hubby. Glad you had a great time!!!


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