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Impress Manicure

Press Sample: Product given by the Company for Testing and Review Purposes

Hi Ladies, did you know you can get a salon style manicure at home in just a few minutes?
I love the way manicures look on me fresh out of the salon even though I tend to always mess up a nail or two and the manicurist has to redo them over and that's just a bummer.

Well in my post today, I wanted to share with you a fantastic solution to an at home manicure for only $6.99 called Impress  Press-on Manicure.

It's the simplest and fastest way to get beautiful nails without going to a salon and spending too much money.

Impress Manicure comes in over 40 colors and designs to suit your style.

I recieved the two in the pics below...

I have yet to try the lighter pink one with the skull accent design but with that pack, I will leave out the skulls because it's not my taste or style.

For the review I chose this one.
It has glitter accent nails and they look very beautiful.

I opened the pack and simply followed the easy instructions.
Also, included in the packaging is a prep pad to wipe the nails and a mini nail file.

To begin, I washed and dried my hands and then wiped with the prep pad.

I then chose my nail size and aligned the plastic adhesive tab on my cuticle and peeled off the tab and placed the Impress nail on my nail and pressed firmly.
This adhesive really sticks on and won't budge which is great! But you have to be sure to measure the nail correctly if not that can ruin the manicure.

Here is my manicure using Impress.
I think it looked nice but the nails were too long for me, so I trimmed them with a nail clipper and filed them with the mini file.

And here are my finished results!
The nails feel strong and look glossy and beautiful.

The Impress Manicure claims to have many benefits such as:

*They apply in minutes (true)
*They are waterproof which is true because as soon as I washed my hands again the nails stood in place.
*They are safe on natural nails
*No dry time, no mess (true)
*You get an Ultra gel shine (true)
*Easy, peel off removal ( I'll find out when I'm ready to take them off)
*Lasts up to one week ( I hope so)

So because of this ultra hold advanced technology, the Impress Manicure is supposed to last 2xs longer than the other brands on the market.

There you have it No nail damage, No glue needed, No acetone or soak-off removal , that's the Impress Manicure.

You can find more about Impress on their site at www.impressmanicure.com

Impress is available for $6.99 each at Walgreens, CVS, Walmart, Rite Aid, and KMart stores nationwide.

Now that makes an Impressive manicure for everyday wear or for that special or romantic event.
You choose your style to Impress!

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