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Angel Sa Sa Kabuki Makeup Brush Set

Press Sample: Product given by the Company for testing and reviewing purposes.

I am really impressed with the design and quality of these kabuki brushes. They are super soft and they pick up and apply powders and creams wonderfully.
I imagine they also work great with liquids as well but I only tested them with powders and cream products.

The brush roll they come in is very beautiful and elegant with a wrap around ribbon with the Angel Sa Sa logo. 
The brush roll is like a yellow gold with sequence on the front and it is very sturdy and thick and it holds each brush into place.

Now, the brushes, have long black barrels with the Angel Sa Sa logo embossed on them that look iridescent when the light hits them.
The bristles themselves are natural and synthetic, soft and some are dense and fluffy. 

The only brush that had lots of shedding was the powder brush and the kabuki tapered one had minimal shedding.

I'm glad that these brushes also has names on them to indicate what they are and what they can be used for but again you can use them how they suit your needs.

The set includes:

Kabuki Flat
Kabuki Angled
Kabuki Tapered
Kabuki Flat Angled
Petite Round
Petite Angled
Petite Tapered
Petite Flat Angled

Powder Brush
Bronzer / Blush Brush
Eye Shadow Brush
Ultra Fine Eyeliner

 I realized I used the eyeliner brush as a lip brush lol , Hey! it still worked great!

I was able to do a whole makeup look with these brushes and I didn't need to use all 12 to do so.
Even if I did use a liquid foundation I wouldn't need all 12 but having many brushes is a bonus.

I do wish they would have included an eye blender since they do include an eyeshadow brush.
So, I had to use the petite angled brush to blend but it did not feel right although it was great to use as a highlight for the brow bone.
But, yes these brushes are top notch and they are very professional and you can get them on Amazon for $39.99
Here are some pictures of the Angel Sa Sa 12 piece Brush set and their web site at www.angelsasaenterprise.com

Beautiful Brush Roll

They come sealed with plastic brush guards for the bigger brushes

They have soft Bristles

They have long Handles 

I thought i had all the brushes out of the brush roll, and this cutie was left behind:)

Check out the way that logo shines!

I used the Kabuki Tapered brush to blend my MAC Studio Finish concealer

This powder brush had lots of shedding but it still packed and applied my foundation mineral powder

I used the Bronzer/Blush brush for my Hervana blush

I used the kabuki angled for my Mary- Lou Manizer highlighter

This brush is for eyeliner oops I used it as a lip brush lol