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Amour Scents Jewelry Candles

Press Sample: Product given by the Company for Testing and Review Purposes 

Ahh, My favorite time of the year Christmas!
And a great time to bring out the wonderful smelling scents of candles to our homes.

I was given to review a Jewelry Soy Candle from the company Amour Scents

I was very excited because honestly I have never heard of this company and also because I have never heard of surprise jewels in a candle ranging from earrings, pendants, or rings before.

Amour Scents promise that the Jewelry they include in their candles is valued from 10 dollars to 10,000 dollars.

The jewels that are worth more will never be in the candle but a code will be in a foil then you would have to contact the company and they would ship that jewel to you.

Now, lets get to the cool characteristics about the candle I received.

First they have many scents available but the one I chose to review was the Spiced Cranberry.
I had no clue what this scent was going to smell like but let me say that it is a pleasant aroma with a bit of sweetness and a bit tart. But it smells wonderful and the aroma lingers even after it is turned off.

I was very curious to find out how I was going to get my prize and what Jewel I was going to discover.

I turned on the candle at 2:30 pm and let it burn until 4:30pm.

I began to see something in the melted wax and was wondering if I had to pull it out quickly or wait until it rose to the top. I'm still a bit curious if it would have risen to the top or if I did it right the first time.
But in all honestly I was confused on how to get my Jewel from this burning candle. I searched on the Amour Scents website but I couldn't fired the directions on how to retrieve my jewel from the candle.
 so I had to look on youtube for a video and then i was able to start my jewel hunt.

I used a paper plate, a tissue, some tweezers, and a wet wipe as my tools.

Step 1: I blew out the candle
Step 2: I took the tweezers and tugged on the object which was a foil and began to squeeze the tweezer to grab the foil ball.
Step 3: I held the foil ball and began to wipe it with the tissue and started to open it.
Step 4: As I was opening it I was just cleaning off the wax and revealed a white little baggie.
Step 5: I cleaned up the baggie and opened it and my treasure was revealed.

I receive revived a beautiful gold flower encrusted jewel pendant. I was a bit disappointed at first because I saw the other jewelry choices that could have come in my candle but then I realized it was a beautiful pendant and it  is unique and I actually would wear it and it would look cute and stylish.

These candles can be addicting because you are searching for hidden jewels which can be exciting and fun but even if you purchase one you will always get a beautiful prize.

Here are some pics of my experience with the soy candle with a hidden jewel called Amour Scents.
Amour Scents retails for $24.99 and you get one here Amour Scents