The Big Chop

Hey my beautiful readers,
I decided to get the big chop I mentioned in my previous post. I didn’t expect to go this short but I know it will grow on me 😂
It's something different and needed to get my natural hair back in gear. I will be giving my hair a break from color dye for a while and may do some color gel or mouse, or hair chalking from time to time but nothing permanent like actual hair dye. I began to see my white streak again and I'm gradually accepting it. Pink hair is cool but as soon as I saw the blonde, I freaked and just decided to cut most of it off and try to go gray again. 
This short pixie bob will take me on that journey. I still do have some pink and blonde left over, hoping it will fade or I'll keep trimming it. LOL My hair phases are something else.

Anywhoo, Here's the Before, I even cut my own bangs trying to get the blonde off. Thankfully, the hairdresser said I did a good job. Yay! 

Here's the After...
I was wishing for more hair on the back but oh well. 

I'm just glad I can still style it. :)
 I'm still planning on letting it grow into a rounded bob but for now I'm gonna make the most of this cute and chic versatile cut.

Thanks for joining me on today's Post!
Stay tuned for more on The Color Wheel Gallery💕

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