The Hairika Paddle Brush Hair Straightner

Press Sample: Product given by the Company for Testing and Review Purposes.

The Hairika Hair Straightener paddle brush definitely works at making my wavy or curly hair straight.  The packaging is really nice. It comes in a magnetic closure box with 2 hair clips and a cute light weight black zippered pouch.

My experience with this cool innovative hair straightener was very surprising and pleasant except when I kept holding the paddle a bit higher, then I would burn my hands.  But I learned the hard way to hold it correctly. LOL  My hair sheds a lot too so a lot of hair got in the brush but while it was hot, I was able to lift the hair from the device.

I have wavy hair but I used the Hairika paddle brush on a curly hairstyle I previously had done the day before and as soon as I ran the brush through my hair, I immediately saw my hair getting straightened.  I also realized not just too brush the hair normally but to hold and lift out the hair that needs to be straightened then place the paddle brush straightener on to it.  When I tried the lower various temperatures, it was not getting out the curls but when I switched it to the higher temp of 210 C it flattened my hair and no burn or damage was present.  It gave me a nice smooth and silky finish except not pin straight hair which is ok because I like a little wave on the tips but it did take out the curls as you can see in the pictures below.

Overall, this is a great product. The concept of a rubberized ceramic paddle brush with heat technology and LCD light display with plus or minus temperature buttons is ingenious.  And the instructions enclosed are very easy to read and understand.

You can get the Hairika straightener on Amazon for $36.99 and it comes in white and pink.

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