The Vochic Passport Wallet

Press Sample: Product given by the Company for testing and reviewing purposes.

This travel neck passport wallet is going to be used on my cruise this weekend. 
I currently own a money passport fanny belt I had used for my trip to Europe in 2004 and it served its purpose but looking at it now and looking and testing this new one from Vochic , there's a big difference in size, style and comfort. 

I definitely prefer the Vochic because it's black, and I can adjust to my neck or wear it on the side like a mini messenger bag or strap it to my belt and wear it in my waist. I definitely choose to wear it on my side or on my neck.
This wallet has a nice nylon material and enough compartment space with zippers for passports, birth certificates, cash and credit cards or insurance cards.
The Vochic can be used for men and women and it will keep documents and cash protected at all times.

The Vochic Wallet is on Amazon for $9.99

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