Ooh la la yogurt

Hi guys, I just wanted to share with you this new yogurt I recently tried and loved and had to go back for more.
It's called La Chocolat and it's by La Yogurt. OMW! this is the tastiest low fat yogurt I have ever eaten and will continue to do so because not only does it contain chocolate chips and raspberry at the bottom but it's good for my digestive system because it contains live and active cultures and it's probiotic.

I can eat 2  right after the other so yep I'm addicted. LOL

Yesterday,  I went back to Walmart to stock up but they only had 6 and I put them in my cart then there was this older lady and she asked if they were good I said yes and she said never tried them before. 

I told her they were great and she said but you took them all and I said yes but they might have more in stock, I also told her I came from a far to get these, she was like may I have one? I said wait here let me find a stock person to see if they have more. 

I felt bad but I didn't want to depart with my La chocolate, just being real. LOL

So I sought out a man to help me and when he checked he had no clue and didn't know where his helper was. I said forget it and I went back to the lady but she was not there. I stocked up on other flavors to try as well like banana with chocolate and strawberry with chocolate.

I was feeling bad about the lady so I found another brand with raspberry hoping it would taste good as well and I pushed my cart down the aisle until I found the lady and I said here you go M'am, God bless you and she said oh thank you God bless you too and I like your beautiful hair. LOL

I felt so good afterwards because I shared and was not selfish. A good lesson learned in yogurt too.

But seriously guys, go check out this yogurt La Chocolat and thank me later LOL

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