My First Inglot Shadows

When I was on my Carnival Cruise with the family, we stopped at a port called Saint Marten which was a very beautiful island.

We went to the beach and as I sat down and watched was all around me, I spotted a boutique from afar called Inglot.

I was giddy because Inglot is a well known makeup company from Poland and they sell everything from makeup brushes to shadows ect.

I finally made my way into the store and saw all the shadows and began to swatch away, you know the feeling of a little kid at a candy store? Me, LOL

The ladies were sweet and so was the fact everything was tax and duty free.

So I caved in and bought two shadows for 9 bucks each.

The shadows are in trio shades but the price of each shadow of the same color on the trio would be 14 bucks each so I went for the trios.

Each shadow they sell comes in a little plastic bubble package then you can purchase their magnetic palettes separately to fill them.

I opted out from getting the palettes and chose the 2 freedom system shadows in Blues/purples in number 128 shimmer and in matte Yellows in 103.

So, I'm guessing this is how their colors in shadows and lippies are found by a number system instead of color names.

The shadows are very pigmented, buttery and beautiful.
I swatched them on my wrist without primer so the intensity of these shades would pop even more with primer.

As I was leaving the island, I saw a huge billboard for Inglot which was pretty cool.

And here are the Inglot goodies :)

One of the ladies that attended me, was nice enough to give me a free red lippie sample in Red 64.
It has a candy scent and it is silky and beautiful and highly pigmented.

 Inglot makeup is available on their site at Inglot USA or check here for a store near you 
or  World Wide

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