My Easy Essie Manicure

I'm so excited because this Saturday I will be going on our first family cruise to the Caribbean on the Carnival Sunshine cruise line.
Tomorrow I'm planning to go and get a pedicure and get my eyebrows waxed but I decided to do my own manicure just to cut down on cost.
I recently took a trip to the dollar tree store to get my kids a shovel and pail for the trip and to my surprise in the cosmetics ailse I saw Nail appliqués from Essie.
They are beautifully designed and elegant, good enough for a wedding or special occasion.
I picked them up on a whim and didn't know if I wanted them for my cruise but I bought them for $1 anyway.
I didn't recall seeing other designs there so I just picked up this one but now seeing YouTube videos, Essie has many designs in their nail appliqués.

The Essie nail appliqués are very easy to apply.
The instructions come in the packet and on the plastic sheet there are 18 different size appliqués, a mini nail file/buffer and a mini cuticle stick.

Below, I demonstrate from start to finish on how easy it was to apply the Essie Nail appliqués.

Step 1:
Have clean nails and push your cuticles back
Step 2: Measure your nail with the appliqué 
Step 3: Place appliqué over nail and bend appliqué over it
Step 4: File down remaining bent appliqué on nail to remove excess 

Step 5 : you are done!
For removal you peel at corner or apply cuticle over them to come off.

If any of these mess up on the cruise, I have extra that came in the packet but hopefully this Essie manicure will last for 8 days. (wink.) lol
Oh, I really do hope they last they're so pretty.

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