My Dream Destination Comes In A Box

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Aloha! when I returned from my cruise, there was no food in the fridge so we planned to do it the next day.
I was so grateful and thankful for my neighbor for picking up my mail and packages while I was away.

As soon I got home my lovely packages were waiting for me including the Hawaii Snack Box.

The hubby and I had a sweet tooth that evening so when I saw the word snack I was like oh Yeah!
The Hawaii Snack Box came just on time:)

Oh, My dream is to visit the island of Hawaii with my mom one day, yes my mom had the dream first so I would love to fulfill it one day.

Anyway, for now the Hawaii Snack Box is the closest thing because all the goodies included in this sub service is all authentic from the island.
Shipping within the United States is Free, and only $5.99 to Canada and $13.99 to the rest of the world. (Hawaii Snack Box excerpt)

I tasted everything and it was all so yummy! you can find the Hawaii Snack Box and how to sub on their website at

Ready to see the tasty goodies? Well, C'mon!

The Hawaii Snack box is so colorful inside from their products to their postcards.

Each Box has postcards with the Hawaii Snack Box info and what's included in the box and on the reverse side they have a continuous culture card showing you the Hawaiian Language and pronunciation.
I thought this was really cool and it really showed how the Founder wants to educate us about this beautiful island from their language to their foods.

The Hawaii Snack Box recently launched and I was so honored to be a part of it.
The June snack box consisted of 6 items...

1. Hawaii's Local Buzz Natural Sea Salt Macadamia Nuts
I never tried an actual whole macadamia nut before only the ones in cookies so i was very surprised to actually taste the real deal and boy I ended up eating the whole bag and left my hubby only a few. LOL

2. Big Island Bees Macadamia Blossom Honey Sticks
Oh, yes these were yummy and sweet! I still saved some for when I crave them

3. Hawaii's Local Buzz Mango Mac Tropical Shortbread Cookie
I shared half with my my daughter, put it this way we wanted more:)

4. Hawaiian Host Dark Chocolate Mac Nuts
I shared one with my hubby, but in reality I wanted to eat both of them after I ate mine.
They were that good:)

5. The Jade Company Li Hing Cotton Candy
I tasted a bit and it was sweet but I really don't eat cotton candy so I saved it for my daughter and she ate it the next day. She gave it 2 thumbs up!

6. Hawaiian Natural Tea Passion Fruit Orange Tea
This tea smells amazeballs!
I don't drink hot tea but I made iced tea for the first time and I used the two Hawaiian Natural Tea bags that came in the box.
I also included lemons in the tea and lots of sugar and all I can say was it was refreshing and very good.

My first Iced Tea

I give the Hawaii Snack Box  2 huge Thumbs up!

Here's a little info on the founder Katie:)

 If you sign up with your email on their beautiful site you get $5 bucks off your first box.

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