Sephora and My Birthday Month

Well, It is finally here ,9 days before my Birthday!
So you know I wanted to get my Sephora Beauty Insider gift I recently posted briefly about on my other Sephora post. lol

But yesterday in the mail I received yet another mailer from Sephora it was for a free Beauty Insider Shopper Bag.
These mailers can only be redeemed at a Sephora in a JC Penny. Thankfully I live in walking distance from  one. Oh Oh! lol

Don't forget to check your mailbox of this mailer containing this cute freebie:)
The bag is very cute with the Sephora theme logo  and colors. I realized if you fold it up it does get crinkly but oh well its not meant to last forever. Its great to put in your extra bags when you are shopping. It's more Like a sturdy paper bag material but it still looks cute and sylish.

Here is the pic of the mailer coupon

Here is the Shopping Bag

Ok now on to my next Freebie,  the Sephora Beauty Insider Birthday freebie that you too can sign up for.
Here's the link to do it now for Free:) Sephora Beauty Insider

My Birthday Gift was a mini Makeup Forever mascara and lippie set.
It is very nicely packaged and it shows the goodies on the front of the box, so there will be no surprises.

First is the lipstick in a coppery pink color that is universal with everyones skin tone.
The color is named Rouge Artist Natural N9. When I paired it with my Milani Spice Liner it came off as a softer light reddish bronzy color. It totally does have that lipstick smell to it but it was still pleasant and it glided on smoothly and felt moisturizing.

Next in the set is the makeup Forever black Mascara in Smoky Extravagant!

Here in the pic I curled my lashes and used 2 coats of the Makeup Forever mascara on my right eye. You see a dramatic difference in length it gave to my lashes . Although it did not make them look fuller but it did lengthen them. 

I am very pleased with my Sephora Gift and I hope you too can get yours on time for your bday:)

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