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Greetings Everyone,
During this crazy quarantine season I had the opportunity to test this new nail kit from Impress Nails.
I really don't care for longer nails anymore but these sets that were sent to me were the perfect petite size. 
In today's post, I will share my experience with one of the sets I tried.

Are they not beautiful?

The rest I will be using for other occasions especially these stunning pink ones from Rebecca Minkoff for my daughter's upcoming Cherry Blossom themed birthday party. 

And of course, I will be using the green and white with ginger bread pattern and stripe ones for Christmas. 

They are too cute!

Plus you can never go wrong with the neutral but always chic French mani.

 The one I chose to wear first are the pretty grey ones that actually look green in the picture above but I promise they are a beautiful shade of deep gray. I really liked their pattern that almost resembled a cross and they looked really elegant and classy.

So here is my take on these nails. 


The Kit comes with a cotton pad, a cuticle stick and a miniature nail file and instructions on how to easily apply them.

The Price is fair @$7.99-8.99

They are definitely good for events!

The glue sticks very well but they do chip so it’s better to use them right for that event. 

Here's the first day of my application.

                                 I measured each nail to fit.

When it came to washing my hair the nails got stuck by the cuticle in my hair and it would tangle. Ouch! 

Day 3 of the manicure 

One nail got loose on day 3 but thankfully 30 nails come in the packet with 6 accent ones so I was able to pop another on. lol

Day 4 nail 2 melted lol but thankfully there’s extras. lol

Overall, this collection from Impress Nails are good but unfortunately they did not last very long on me but they are great for that one evening event. That is way less then a pricier mani at the salon. Also if something happens there is always a spare in the pack that easily can come with you in your handbag. 

You can easily bring the salon at home and do it yourself in minutes with these beautiful nail collections that come in medium and petite sizes. 

Impress nails are available at Walmart, Target or other drugstores and on Impress Nails 

Nail Collections pictured can be found here:

Press SampleProduct given for testing and review purposes.

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