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Today’s post is for all the dry fruit lovers out there which includes my hubby. I personally am finicky with different textures so dry fruit is not something I would eat but I actually got a taste in this fancy box by Laumière Gourmet Fruits. 
The pretty packaging in the “Superfood Parfait Collection” are free of preservatives, gluten-free, soy-free & dairy-free. All the products are suitable for vegetarians and vegans too. 

These exquisite all natural fruit and nut treats are produced in Bakersfield,California and make great gifts. They even make personalized corporate gift boxes.

The beautifully designed Superfood Parfait Collection is $32.95 and it contains:

Matcha Quinoa Energy Bites 
Roasted quinoa with pistachio blends well with fig. Touch of Japanese Matcha green tea compliments the recipe. 
Apricot Flax Seeds Petite 
A perfect blend of flax seeds with rare apricot infused marzipan. 
Dates with Pine and Chia Mélange

Berry Açaí Figs
This açaí berry-based recipe is a work of art and is complemented by natural blueberry.

The one that I liked was the Matcha Quinoa Energy Bites.

They had a nutty crunch and a naturally sweet taste. As for my husband, he liked them all and ate them all. LOL.

You can purchase this assortment and other luxury boxes such as the “Le Cadeau Parfait” starting at $29.95 on their website
So, if you like gourmet dried fruit with nuts that have that fancy appeal and benefits your health, then these are for you.

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