National Day of Prayer March 15, 2020

                                                photo by Intercessors for America

Here are some prayer points my family and I will be praying on. 
I invite you to join us in your homes on your own time on Sunday March 15 for this National Day of Prayer against the Corona virus πŸ™
These are only a few points but feel free and continue to pray and dialogue with God.
He hears and knows and sees the heartsπŸ’• 
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Unity in Jesus nameπŸ™Œ God bless you and God bless America and the Nations

***Prayer Points for the National Day of Prayer πŸ™
Thank God for his Love, Grace and Mercy
πŸ™Ask God for forgiveness of our sins and repent and turn to Him
Read -2 Chronicles 7:14
Read -Psalm 91
πŸ™Pray for the infected of this virus for their healing and peace, comfort and strength to be upon them and their loved ones.
For the Lord to send them his ministering angels.
🎺Command the Coronavirus / Covid 19 to go and not come back in Jesus name!
πŸ™Pray for the first responders attending the infected and those that are on the front lines 
πŸ™Pray for President Trump for him to humble himself and for God to give him wisdom clarity, and direction on how to lead our country and the fight against this pandemic.
πŸ™Pray for Vice President Pence and everyone that is united in the efforts to contain this virus working alongside the White House
πŸ™For the United States of America and it’s economy 
πŸ™For this World
πŸ™For love and peace and not fear to reign in our hearts and minds,knowing that God is with us and will never leave us.
To set our hearts and focus on God as we continue to live on this earth and obey Him and to not fall and be deceived by the enemy satan.
Again Thank you Jesus for your Love, Grace and Mercy
In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit
Amen πŸ™❤️
We are washed and covered by the blood of Jesus. 

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