Dinner is Served

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Today's post is all about food. Have you ever tried rice and pink beans? Have you ever cooked rice and pink beans? If not, here's a simple recipe that is great for lunch, dinner or dinner parties. This recipe is for pink beans but you can omit them or add different beans according to your liking.

This is what you will need for a serving of 4-6 people:
The star of the show a can of Pink Beans, I like Goya Pink Beans.

2 cups of water
A table spoon of Olive Oil
Goya Adobo
Oregano flakes
2 table spoons of Sofrito (store-bought or learn to make your own here
A cap full of Goya mojo marinade
1 packet of Goya sazon con achote
1 table spoon of Goya tomato paste (not shown)
If you don't have Goya products, you can substitute with another brand
 The final ingredient 2 cups of rinsed rice
I use Jasmine rice.

Let's cook!
Step 1: Place a pot on low heat and add the 2 table spoons of sofrito and 1table spoon of the tomato paste and stir together
Step 2: Add the can of rinsed pink beans
Step 3: Add the 2 cups of water then raise to medium heat 
Step 4: Add the table spoon of Olive Oil, 1 packet of sazon, the oregano flakes, a cap of mojo marinade, the adobo to your liking (taste test with a spoon that it's not too salty.)
Step 5: Add the 2 cups of rinsed rice and let it all boil at high heat, then wait until the rice is dry on top, then turn over with cooking spoon, cover and reduce to low heat. 
Approx cooking time is 45 min.
should look like this
click here 
and Voila! Dinner is served.
I also prepared a skirt steak in the air fryer and added avocado on top 

And for the hubby I made chicken:)

Try out this recipe and let me know. Have fun cooking!
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