The Joico Color Intensity Eraser Wonder on Purple Hair

Welcome back my lovely readers!
Well, this weekend was truly a challenging one in regards to my hair color. In my last post, you saw the vibrant purple that I absolutely did not like. I tried to like it on me but it wasn’t working.
So, I decided to look up youtube videos and use my last weapon because fading it and letting it fade on it's own was taking too long. 
Last year, I bought a packet of the Joico Color Intensity Eraser and I never used it because I 
 was scared too, now I know why. LOL

Surprisingly, it's not bleach, meant for semi -permanent hair color and it's suppose to lift off the color in minutes. The chemists at Joico did not disappoint and the product worked amazingly, the only draw back is you could end up with blondish green hair like moi.

I did everything the packet instructed to do by using 3 oz of 20 developer mixed in with the 1 packet.
As soon as I placed it on my hair, the color lifted in seconds but I still needed to do my other parts and the blonde was already changing color. So if you plan on using it work fast and rinse it off. I didn’t even wait the recommended time of 30 minutes or else my hair would have turned seaweed green. oh no!

                      Hubby stepped in to help!

My results were a blondish green and I thought ready to get another pixie, but I decided to research on youtube again and I found videos on how pink cancels out green and you know me I love pink. So the next morning, I did two strand tests for about a couple minutes and the color absorbed fast. I tried a baby pink color and a straight on pink using Arctic Fox Virgin pink.

I loved the color of the diluted pink but I was afraid after it would fade, the green were to return so I went on ahead and used the full on pink. I left it on for about 15 -20 minutes. The color was already coming in super fast so I froze in the shower to rinse it off, then I added the Deva Curl One Condition Decadence for moisture. 

Love it!

So thankful and relieved I did not need bleach to take out the green, did my research and only used pink dye. In my case, it worked for me because I wanted my hair pink again but to others it might be a different story so research, research, research. I’m so happy with my end results and that my hair did not get fried in the process. 

Have a great day friends! God bless you and stay tuned for more posts on The Color Wheel Galleryđź’•

Oh, here's a little vid so you can see it in action lol

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