DIY: Pink Braid With The Hair 2 Wear Collection

Hello to my lovely readers,
Here’s a very simple and easy quick diy I did over the weekend. I took a gray faux braided headband and dyed it with Arctic Fox Virgin Pink using a small tooth brush. I left it on for about 15-20 min and the results turned out well. I wish it would have been a brighter pink but nonetheless it still blended in nicely with my hair ☺️ 

You can get this thick braided headband on HSN for $10 bucks and it comes in the usual normal colors but I wanted one in pink so I had to dye it. This headband is very beautiful, and it stays in place on your head as long as you don’t hug a lot and it is part of the Christie Brinkley hair accessory line. I just ordered the dark brown braid as well, that one I will leave as is.
Here’s the linky to The Cristie Brinkley Thick Braid Headband and my photos..


 It transformed into a multi-dimensional braid.
I really liked how it looked and so did the hubby. 💋

Stay Tuned for more posts on The Color Wheel Gallery💕

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