Bad Habit Beauty After Shock!

Happy weekend friends,
I'm so excited to share that Bad Habit Beauty has done it again! Remember, the previous posts I did on the Aphrodite and Athena palette? Well, this company is popping up with so many palette dupes it's crazy.
I just ordered this new one called After Shock for 10 bucks on the Shop Hush app with free shipping. If you buy it on the Shop Hush website then shipping is not included for free. So download that app!

Back to this vivid colorful palette, It is supposedly a dupe for the Huda Beauty Electric Obsessions palette that retails for 27 bucks. And it is filled with 6 matte shadows and 3 shimmer shadows. I do not own Huda's so I can't compare but I can tell you the After Shock palette is very buttery and pigmented. I'm sure the real deal is bomb but I'm really impressed with the Bad Habit Beauty one.
The packaging is beautiful, it has a large mirror inside and the palette closes magnetically, nothing flimsy here. They just released the After Hours Collection which includes this one and 3 others which look beautiful as well.  She's a Bad Habit Beauty For sure! I experienced little fallout and minimal kickback.

These are just finger swatches without primer.
                                 This is the look I created with it and was very pleased😊

On the lids I used: Drop and BPM
For the transition shade I used a Smashbox taupe color
on crease I used Chaser
on lower lash line I used both BPM and Sensation
for highlight I used Wet n Wild Brulé
Inner Corner: Electronica

Stay tuned for more posts on The Color Wheel Gallery 💕

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