The Circular Flat Foundation Brush from Coshine

Press SampleProduct given for testing and review purposes at a discounted price.

This is a very unique circular flat foundation brush from Coshine and It reminds me of a barber shop brush for beards when you shave. But, it also looks like a dupe for the O! Circle Bush from the cosmetics brand called Cailyn. I do not own Caiyln's so I can not compare and other companies are branding it as well. However, from what I see it looks the same, packaging and all but costs way way less. Now, back to this odd looking brush. LOL It is compact and cute and comes with a protective plastic storage case.
 The bristles on this brush are packed and dense and it applies and blends my liquid BB cream flawlessly. I was hoping that it would feel softer on my face like the oval make up brushes but it felt kind of hard and stiff because of it's density and packed bristles and flat shape. I wonder if Caiyln's feels the same. However, I was able to apply my concealer with it as well and it reached my nose and under eye area perfectly. Overall, It's easy to use, easy to hold, it did not hurt or irritate my face and it did a great job with the creamy, liquid and powder products I used with it and it's great for travel. I also like that it cleans easily and dries over night.
Cost: $12.99 vs $69.00 
Where: Amazon

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