My Mac Mommy Make Over

Yesterday was such a fun day! I was able to get prettied up and pampered at the mall while the kiddies were in school. 
At the mall, I got a long over due pedicure and my eyebrows waxed. 
As I was in the chair, the man takes out this little machine that surprised the heck out of me!
I have never gotten this done , I thought he was going all Home Depot on me. LOL
I was like wow! My feet were such in dire need that I needed this contraction on my toes.?
That part was not comfortable at all but he buffed my toes well. 

Then for the color, I wanted something natural and light so I chose the Kylie Jenner nail polish called SinfulShine with Gel Tech in Taupe is Cheap.
It's a nice nude polish by the way.

After my Pedi and waxing, I happen to pass by a Mac Counter and asked this beautiful girl who happened to be the manager , if I can pull off the cat eye and she said "Sure let me show you".
So, she introduced me to another beautiful girl by the name of Ashley and Ashely did a cute wing liner on me and made it work for my eyes.
From there, she said "Can I put some shadow and I said "Girl do what you gotta do if you have time, make me over."  
I already had a bit of liner and foundation and mascara let's just say I went to the mall with a full face but then Ashley added a bronzer, then did my brows, cheeks, my lips and then when she went to strobe, she used this outta of this world highlighter called Other Earthly.
Wow! The Glow! I had to ask hubby for it for Mother's Day and he had no objections so, I got it the next day.

Look at this gorgeous mineral skinfinish highlighter for 34 bucks! Yes, I know but hey it's Mother's Day and it's limited edition :)

Now for the big reveal! My Mac Makeover. I loved it! Oh, Yes she even added demi lashes which I asked for and purchased of course.
Here's Ashley my beautiful makeup artist!

Then after getting pampered in her chair I did some shopping at JCP, stopped at Taco Bell and rushed out the doors to pick up my kids at thier bust stop.
I was power walking because I didn't have a car LOL. But I made it on time. Whew!

I was not going to let the look go to waste and hubby was coming late so I asked my 10 yr old daughter to take some pics and Wow! she stunned me with her photography skills. 
She's my photographer in training. :)

Here is the mini shoot I had with my daughter and I hope you all have a wonderful and blessed Mother's Day! 


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