Cute Bear Stockings From Bella C

Press Sample: Product given by the Company for Testing and Review Purposes.

Oh, these Bella C tights are adorable in the bear pattern, they also come in kitty and bunny patterns as well.

The top of the tights are flesh tone all through the thigh area then starting from the knee to the toes is the bear pattern in black.
On the back of the tights, is a tiny circle symbolizing the Bears' tush. :)

These cool stockings come in a cute packaging and they fit me comfortably and as for reference my height is 5'2 and my weight is 114 and waist is 29 1/2 and these are stated to fit size 2 -6 in clothing.

Overall, these are sturdy, cute and fashionable of course not all gals my age (40) would wear these but I'm a unique fashionista so I'm totally into this style of Japenese fashion called Kawaii with some exceptions of course. LoL

Here are some pictures plus you can get these Bella C tights on Amazon...

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