Cute And Cozy Boots From Acevog

Press Sample: Product given by the Company for Testing and Review Purposes.

These are adorable boots from Acevog and they are soft and cozy and look super cute.

Now, I did notice they run small so it be best to size up or double up in size.
I'm a size 8 so I sized up to a 9 which is a size 40 in this style but a 10 would have given me a bit more wiggle room which would be great also if I would want to wear heavier socks.

I used small ankle socks and the boots fit me just right.
The boot has a well made wedge and the faux suede is soft and the inside faux fur lining is super soft and warm. 
The boot can be worn up or folded down at the ankle to add another style.
These boots are flexible but sturdy because they do not sag they stand up tall.
It's nice to know they have a variety of colors and the whole family can wear them because of the variety of sizes they come in.

As for testing them in the snowy or rainy weather, I can't say because I have not worn them in the rain or in snow.
I'll actually will never know how they would stand in the snow because I live in a semi -tropical climate as for rain I'll soon have to find out.

In the pictures below I wore the Acevog boots with ankle socks then over some lace boot cuffs then paired it with an oversized Mickey sweater and leggings.

The Acevog boots can be found on Amazon for $28.90

oh yes! if you like the lace boot cuffs as much as I do you can get it on Amazon too:)


  1. Your socks are absolutely adorable as well. I love that you don't dress like a "mom." You keep it fun yet classy. :D

    1. hahaha thanks so much Cia:) yes i just posted the link to the lace boot cuffs;)


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