Austrian Crystal Statement Necklace

Press Sample: Product given by the Company for Testing and Review Purposes

This gorgeous statement necklace from JoinME truly makes a bold statement.
Although it looks looks gaudy in style and design, it's actually really beautiful and makes you feel like royalty when wearing it.

The necklace is quite heavy and it looks like metal armor when reversed on the back with the figure 8 chains.
The detailing ranges from Austrian crystal embellished flowers that reflect in the light and smaller designed flowers ranging in different materials.

This necklace is so exquisite it looks great by itself without wearing any other piece of jewelry.
I wore it with a black striped loose flowing chiffon dress and black heels. 

I felt elegant classy and ready to go to an opera, ballet, walk the red carpet but I ended up at a woman's conference which was great still. :)

I received the JoinMe necklace in a big red box with a bow, and velvet pouch for storage and an extra lobster claw clasp to fasten the necklace incase the original breaks.
This is truly an extraordinary piece.
You can get this exquisite piece on Amazon

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