Who's That Girl?

Press Sample: Product given by the Company for testing and reviewing purposes.

I recieved the long black Louise Maleys wig and I absolutely wore it with finesse.
It looked very real and it took me back to my days in High School when my hair was long.
My hair length now is shoulder length and i'm trying to let it grow long but of course not that long.
This silky and soft wig is beautiful with straight side bangs and you can play with it adding different hairstyles like braids or twists or adding hair accessories to jazz it up. 

It can be easily combed as well and a must for cos play.
Here are some pictures of me in the long black wig by Louise Maleys. 

Even my little girl had a chance to play dress up with it:)

The Louise Maleys Wig is available on Amazon for $19.99

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