Bella Eleganze The Lash Fiber Mascara

I recently purchased a Waterproof Fiber Mascara from Bella Eleganze and I must say that it truly works.
My lashes are naturally long but when I used this mascara I was in total glee because it took them up by 2 notches in length! 
I was afraid because I didn't want to get those tarantula looking lashes when using fiber mascara but it really looks natural, almost like falsies but with a natural flare. 
The packaging is a black case that resembles a fancy pen case and it has the words Bella Eleganze and it contains a sealing gel and a fiber mascara containing green tea.
The process is a little time consuming because of the 3 steps but it is well worth it!

Step 1. Use the sealing gel like regular mascara
Step 2. While the mascara is wet apply the Fiber mascara
Step 3. Seal it again with the sealing gel

Simple as that and the results will be beautiful long and luscious natural looking lashes.
Take your time when trying this product don't glop the sealer on and just tilt your head and work slowly with it to get an even colored lash and fiber application. This mascara washes off with soap and water but I used makeup remover to do the job.
You can get Bella Eleganze Here

Here's my Before and After !

Pardon my un done Brows:)

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