Mariko Ideas Scarf Hanger Review

Press Sample: Product given by the Company for Testing and Review Purposes

These hangers from Mariko Ideas come in a set of 3 and are very elegant and and beautifully designed with sparkling beads and are made from a chrome frame.

I really needed something to hang my scarves on because I had my poor scarves stuffed in a wired basket.

My collection of scarves range from thin to heavy scarves and they all fit and hung nicely on the hanger.
Also, I noticed these hangers are pretty sturdy and I was able to fit more than one scarf on them and you can choose to double up your scarves like I did or can tie them around the hook of the hanger.
Each hanger can hold up to 5 scarves, so if the scarves are thinner you can probably hang even more.

As soon as I took the pics for this post, I hung the hanger on the clothes rack in my closet and it made a big difference and made me realize that nice and expensive or inexpensive scarves should be hung and not stuffed in a box or a wired basket.

You can get this set of Mariko Idea Scarf Hangers on Amazon for $14.99

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